Our Projects


Access to education is not only a basic human right, but also a key factor ...

Income Generation

Many people in developing countries are born into a life of abject poverty....


One of the major projects we are working on is assisting people who are liv...

Water Aid

Water is the most precious and treasured resource we have on our planet. Wi...

SteppingStones Charity is committed to ensuring that every penny donated reaches its intended purpose.

Not a single penny is deducted for administration cost(s) except that which has been exclusively contributed towards it.

Let’s Build a Child Friendly World.


Allows you to support poor children/orphans on an ongoing basis.

Your donations are used to help provide education (Hifz and Alim course/ secular education etc), books, stationary items, accommodation as well as nutritious food daily.

As a donor, you have the option of paying £35 a month or £350 for the full year.

Reports will be sent out to each donor annually upon request.